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SUNY Open Access Policy

Draft and adopt an open access policy.


In March of 2018, the SUNY Trustees charged all state-run SUNY campuses with the development and implementation an open access policy that recognizes each campuses' unique mission and culture, utilizes a process that follows local faculty governance procedures, and includes the faculty, student, and staff protections and best practices identified in the Trustees' memorandum. 

This guide was developed to support the process at Upstate Medical University, but most of the information is relevant to all SUNY campuses.

Information from SUNY

Open Access to SUNY Scholarship website (links to

March 2018 Open Access Policy Memorandum  (links to

SUNY Open Access Webinars:

  • October 22, 2018 (video) -  links to
  • July 12, 2018 (video | .ppt)  - links to
  • April 24, 2018 (video | .ppt)  - links to

SUNY Faculty Senate resolutions leading up to the current policy memorandum:
Resolution Calling for SUNY Open Access Repository Policies (April 2017)   - links to
Resolution on Open Access Publication (April 2015)  - links to

Discussion communities:
SUNY Open Access Policy Development Group  & SUNY Open Access Group 
(Facebook Workplace)

  • Forums for to two-way communication about all things open access at SUNY
  • Join by selecting your campus from the drop-down and logging with your campus credentials