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Diversity and Inclusion

A work-in-progress resource for faculty, students, and administrators on creating more inclusive and diverse classrooms.

Journal Articles on Cultural Humility / Social Determinants

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Poverty, the Environment, and Asthma

The Case for Reparations

Case Study: Culture, Healing, and Professional Obligations

Cultural Competencies for Graduate Nursing Education

The Minority Student Voice at One Medical School

Who Speaks for Whom?: Health Humanities and the Ethics of Representation

A Diversity 3.0 Update

Helping Medical Learners Recognise and Manage Unconscious Bias Toward Certain Patient Groups

Insurgent Multiculturalism

The Limits of Narrative: Medical Student Resistance to Confronting Inequality and Oppression in Literature and Beyond

Cultural Competency 2.0

Cultural Competency, Race, and Skin Tone Bias Among Pharmacy, Nursing, and Medical Students: Implications for Addressing Health Disparities

Inequality in Health Care Is Killing African Americans

Structural competency meets structural racism: race, politics, and the structure of medical knowledge

Structural competency: Theorizing a new medical engagement with stigma and inequality

Literature and medicine: narrative ethics