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Diversity and Inclusion

A work-in-progress resource for faculty, students, and administrators on creating more inclusive and diverse classrooms.

Culturally Competent Care: LGBT

Culturally Competent Care: LGBT

Description:  What best practices and training enable health-care professionals to understand the needs of LGBT patients, especially transgender patients. Experts from Beth Israel Medical Center/ Mount Sinai Health System and the Center for American Progress shared solutions at DiversityInc's event. (50 min.)

LGBT Health Care: addressing disparities and bias

Reexamining LGBT Healthcare 

Description: An excerpt from the 10-minute video, "To Treat Me, You Have to Know Who I Am", created by the National LGBT Cancer Network, as part of a cultural competence curriculum for healthcare providers and staff. For more information, go to www.cancer-network.or or write

Integrating LGBT and DSD Content into Medical School Curricula

Video Length: 22 minutes

Diagnosing Difference

Cancer's Margins - Videos

Videos representing stories exploring sexual and gender diversity, and experiences of cancer health, support and care.  

One example video is available below.  Additional videos are available at the Cancer's Margins web site.

The Cancer’s Margins research team uses a community-and-arts based approach to exploring sexual and gender diversity, and experiences of cancer health, support and care. We look at how LGBT2Q people locate and share knowledge after they’ve been diagnosed and treated for breast or gynecologic cancer.



Description:  “Resisterectomy” juxtaposes the narrative of trans sex reassignment surgeries with the narrative of cancer surgeries – mastectomy and hysterectomy – the same surgeries, organized in relation to very different modes of telling, showing and embodiment.

Made in collaboration with Dr. M. K. Bryson

John Oliver: Abortion Laws

Description:  Abortion is theoretically legal, but some states make it practically inaccessible.

Homeless LGBT Youth

A Day in Our Shoes - Homeless LGBT Youth

Description:  There are an estimated 3,800 homeless youth in New York City. About 1,500 of them identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Government funding provides fewer than 200 shelter beds for all homeless children in the city.