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Self-Archiving: SUNY Open Access Repository

About SOAR and SUNY Open Access

The SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR) is a centrally managed online digital repository for the self-archiving of creative works by SUNY faculty, students, and staff.  The Health Sciences Library is facilitating the archiving of works produced at our campus. 

In March of 2018, the SUNY Trustees charged all state-run SUNY campuses with the development and implementation an open access policy that recognizes each campuses' unique mission and culture, utilizes a process that follows local faculty governance procedures, and includes the faculty, student, and staff protections and best practices as identified in the Trustees' memorandum.  

Upstate's open access (OA) policy has been approved by the Faculty Council, and is awaiting approval by the University Executive Committee.  Upstate authors are not required to self-archive, but we make it as easy as possible to do so and take advantage of the benefits, including:

  • Increased discoverability of works by Google and Google Scholar
  • Increased citation rates
  • Persistent links to works
  • Article Altmetric visualizations
  • Remove paywall barriers to your research without paying APCs (for articles without a funder OA requirement)

About the Health Sciences Library

The Upstate Health Sciences Library is a core service supporting students and employees across all Upstate Colleges, Programs, Centers of Excellence, and Clinical Locations. Together we are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service.

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