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Faculty and Researcher Resources

Resources, services, and information relevant to faculty, laboratory researchers, and clinical researchers.

Data Sharing and Repositories

Additional Research Data Planning & Sharing information is available from Upstate's Research Technology Core Unit.

Find a repository

A funder or journal may prescribe or sponsor the use of a particular repository. In absence of this guidance, most funder and publisher guidelines recommend the use of discipline-specific repositories whenever possible and a generalist repository when none are available.

Funder sites

American Heart Association Approved Repositories

NIDDK Network (dkNET) Suggested Data Repositories

NIH Open Domain Specific Data Sharing Repositories:  Includes repositories with current NIH funding, sustained support, open data submission and access, and open time frame for data deposit.

Other NIH Data Resources: Includes repositories that do not meet all of NIH's full criteria and other data resources.

Comprehensive indexes

When searching a comprehensive index, look for a repository that meets the funder or journal requirements. Not all repositories on these lists offer open access.

Start with published datasets 

Search for datasets published by other researchers in your dsicpline. Articles with related datasets provide the location of the dataset. Use the indexes above to determine if the repositories found meet your needs. 

Generalist repositories

Also listed on the NIH site.

Data sharing policies

Look up funder policies in Sherpa Juliet, a one-stop resource for funders' policies and their requirements on open access, publication and data archiving.

Select publisher policies & guidance

Some journals will sponsor or pay the data repository fee for select repositories.  See the author guidance pages for the journal in which you are publishing to see if this is an option.