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Nursing Resource Guide: Drug Information

Nursing Research and Innovation: selected resources

Drug Information

Drug Information

Search through the following selected resources to find the latest drug information.

AHFS Drug Information
Collection of drug monographs from American Hospital Formulary Service, widely trustedfor its rigorous science-based editorial process and independence from the pharmaceutical industry.

AHFS Drug Information Essentials
Over 11,700 represented medicines plus manufacturers of drug products. Separate drug monographs for systemic topical and EENT drug formulations Drug interactions, cautions and toxicity. Extensive dosage and methods of administration.

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
Up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative pharmacology text for medical, pharmacy, and other health science students. Also useful to house officers and practicing clinicians.

Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses
Up to date drug information presented in nursing-focused monographs, addressing the issue of safe medication administration.

Electronic Orange Book
Approved Drug Products withTherapeutic Equivalence Evaluations. Online edition updated monthly.

A free TOXNET database that includes information regarding drugs and lactation.

On-line drug information system including sections for interactions, pediatric, geriatric, nursing, patient education, and toxicology information. (guide)

Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics
Biweekly newsletter offering critical appraisals of new drugs and comparative reviews of older drugs. Prepared by a consensus of experts, and completely independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

Full text drug and toxicology clinical information system.