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Accessibility at the HSL

Explore the Library’s accessibility accommodations for physical spaces, technology, and access to resources.

Library Spaces

Entering the Library from outside, visitors should use the main entrance of Weiskotten Hall. The security guard at the welcome station can direct you to the Library. The Library’s main door is equipped with a push button.

The Library’s open concept design makes many spaces accessible to visitors using mobility devices. The elevators that service the Library are located to the right of the Monumental Staircase. There is an accessible, all gender restroom available on each level. The restrooms do not have push buttons at this time.

Lighting in many library spaces is dim and may not be sufficient at the work surface. Supplemental lighting can be provided upon request.

Those looking for reduced stimulus environments should seek out our quiet study spaces on the Third Floor, or reserve an Silent Study room at the Services Desk.

For assistance using the facilities please contact: Access Services at 315-464-7091 or stop at the Services Desk.

First Floor:

Atrium and Bubble Room:

This open concept area of the Library’s Atrium is easily accessible and has varying height (not adjustable height unless otherwise noted) work surfaces that include:

  • Computer tables - 28 inches high
  • Study tables (including those in the Bubble Room) - 29 inches high
  • High top round tables - 39 inches high
  • High top activity tables - 36 inches high
  • Adjustable height desks

Room 128:

This quiet study area is easily accessible and has varying height (not adjustable height unless otherwise noted) work surfaces that include:

  • Booth tables - 27 inches high
  • Study tables (square and round) - 29 inches high
  • High top round tables - 39 inches high
  • Study carrels - 29 inches high
  • Adjustable height desks in individual cubicles

Study Rooms:

Collaborative study rooms are equipped with non-adjustable tables that are 29 inches high. These may not accommodate all mobility devices and all are intended for seated use.

Silent study rooms are equipped with adjustable height work surfaces that can accommodate various needs, including mobility devices and standing. There are ten of these spaces available on a first come first serve basis through the online reservation system. If you need assistance reserving a room, or an accessible room is not available, please visit the Services Desk.

Computer Labs/Classrooms:

The Computer Labs and Classrooms located on the second floor of the Library do not have adjustable height work surfaces and the classrooms are not sized to accommodate mobility devices.

Classrooms are often used for instruction and training purposes. If you have a training session scheduled in one of these spaces, please reach out to Educational Communications at 315-464-7911 to arrange accessibility accommodations.

Scholars Den:

The Scholars Den, located across from the elevators on the second floor, is the home of the Archives & Special Collections department, the library’s exhibit spaces, and quiet work space reserved for members of the Upstate Community. This space has adjustable height desks and study tables that are non-adjustable and 29 inches high.

Archives & Special Collections:

The Researcher’s Room serving Archives & Special Collections researchers is equipped with a non-adjustable table that is 20 inches high. Entrance to the Researcher's room is tight and researcher’s may be accommodated in the Scholars Den space, if preferred.

Third Floor:


The third floor stacks are fixed units with 3 feet of space between ranges (one set near the white pillars has only two feet of space). Items may be put on hold, by logging into the Library’s online catalog; held items will be available for pick up at the Services Desk on the First Floor.

Study Carrels:

Study carrels are non-adjustable 29 inch high work surfaces. There are six carrels that are 32 inches high and may accommodate mobility devices. Please be courteous to those who require specialty seating and select another carrel if asked. There is ample space between each group of study carols.

Study Tables:

Study Tables are non-adjustable 29 inch high work surfaces located along the back wall of the third floor. These may not accommodate mobility devices and all are intended for seated use.