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Accessibility at the HSL

This guide provides information on accessibility accommodations for patrons of the HSL. Content will cover physical spaces, technology, and access to resources.

Library Resources

The Library seeks to execute license agreements with vendors who produce accessible content. This means most recent journal articles, databases, media and other licensed content is available in an accessible format. This does not always apply to legacy content created before accessibility standards were applicable or expected. Print materials owned by the Library, or content obtained through interlibrary loan, may not be in an accessible format.

Individual Use:

To request accessible versions of Library resources students should contact: Disability Support Services

All other users should contact: Document Delivery, 315-464-5116

Course Content:

Faculty searching for accessible versions of course content should reach out to our Academic and Instruction Librarians. While we are not able to remediate licensed content for general course use, our Librarians can assist with finding alternative content if an accessible version is not available through the publisher.

Contact our Academic and Instruction Librarians at 315-464-7091 or