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Instructor Resources

Resources related to integrating library content into courses.

Linking to Content

Content provided through the library that you may be able to access directly while on campus generally needs to have the proper link structure so students can access the resource seamlessly regardless of where they are. Otherwise, students will receive error messages or messages that the content is only available after paying the vendor money. The library uses a service called OpenAthens to facilitate access to resources. Some vendors may provide an option to login through OpenAthens when accessing an article directly but some do not.

Library staff are always available to assist with formatting links so students can access content regardless of where they are located but you can take a few steps to provide the best link possible. We recommend testing these links off-campus in a fresh browser to make sure they work as intended. 

OpenAthens Redirector

OpenAthens Link Generator

Often, adding the OpenAthens redirector ( ) in front of a link found through a web search is enough to provide access if the library subscribes to that content. The OpenAthens Link generator helps create links in this format.

For example, access to can be created by converting the link to


In other cases, such as Ovid (ie Medline and JBI) and EBSCO (ie CINAHL and NRC+), looking for a permalink option will create a link that removes session information and embeds the OpenAthens access information into the link for you. This is usually a chain or link icon.