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College of Graduate Studies

Providing a starting point for research within the biomedical sciences disciplines.

Things to be Aware of

Predatory Publishing 

Learn about what it is, resources to help spot predatory publishers, and more. 

Poster Presentations

How to Create a Winning Scientific Poster! by Rose Pasquale and Cameron MacQuarrie 

Learn about the different elements for crafting and presenting a high-quality poster. 

Educational Communications - Medical Photography & Graphics

Photography Services included large poster printing. 


Researcher Profiles

Upstate Resources

External Resources

Researcher Academy is an entirely free e-learning platform designed to unlock the potential of early and mid-career researchers. At Researcher Academy, you’ll get the best advice and hands-on guidance on research funding, data management, writing for research, peer review, and effectively communicating your work. You’re already an expert in your field of study. We’ll teach you the rest.