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Public Health Resources

Sources of information for Public Health Research and Strategy Planning

Literature Search Strategies

For more guidance and information on how to search, go to the Literature Searching Services page. Remember, if and when you get stuck, don't struggle - contact us!


When you search for resources:

Think about your core concepts (exposure/outcome). Keep search terms simple, and pay attention to keywords and other terms you see referenced in relevant articles. You can use those terms if you need to revise your search.

Evidence Pyramid

Research design and evidence


Public health evidence may not be available within some of the top level categories of evidence. Still, there are more systematic reviews being published within the public health literature, and successful evidence based public health relies on the “best” available evidence - essentially, you want to find the literature that’s as high up on the pyramid as you can.

Background Information (start here!)

Biomedical/Social-Ecological Literature (gather evidence)

Public Health e-Journal Collection

Health Interventions Appraisal

Open-Access Journal Resources (more "evidence")

Finding Guidelines

How to read scholarly journal articles