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Graphic Medicine

What is Graphic Medicine?

"Graphic medicine is the intersection between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare" (Graphic Medicine Manifesto, 2015).

Basically, it's the use of comics to inform on issues in healthcare. The term "graphic" in the name refers to the use of visual imagery, not explicit content.  Graphic medicine comics are often memoirs of illness created by the person experiencing the illness. Some are created from the physician/provider and family/caregiver points of view. Still others are used for instructional purposes to educate about body systems and diseases in a unique way.

Definition of graphic medicine from the Graphic Medicine Manifesto


The collection we show on these pages is a small sampling of an ever-growing body of graphic medicine work. We encourage you to seek out and hear a diversity of voices by discovering new authors/creators and titles in a variety of genres. The following are some websites that will help you do that. They collect information on medical-related comics and often provide reviews.

Further Reading

This guide is inspired by and loosely adapted from the guide at UNLV, with permission from the creator.