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ClinicalKey for Nursing

Learn how to get the most out of Upstate's top nursing resource.

How can I earn CE?

CE is available through a connected but separate platform, Clinical Skills. 

To learn more about how to access this resource for the first time, visit

If you're already familiar with Clinical Skills and have logged in before, you can access it directly at

Self-enrolling (required to earn CE)

1) After creating your password, sign in to your Clinical Skills account. 

  • If you’re off campus, you’ll be prompted to sign in.

  • If you’re on campus and aren’t prompted to sign in, click the Login button at the top right.

Screenshot of login button


2) From the row of tabs at the top of the page, click the eLearning tab and from the dropdown menu, click "Self-Enrollment". 

Screenshot highlighting the elearning tab


3) You should see a list of modules, and can either scroll or use the search filter. For example, if looking for Pediatric General Nursing, you can type "pediatric" under Module Name, then click the filter button to the right and click "Contains".

Screenshot of the self-enrollment tab showing a keyword search for "pediatric" and the filter button

4) At the end of the row for that module, click "Enroll".

5) In the popup box, click the checkbox next to the class(es) you are enrolling in. Use "Select all" if appropriate. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Add Lessons".

Screenshot of the self-enrollment tab, demonstrating how to Add Lessons

6) After that boxes refreshes, close it. 

Taking the test and claiming CE

1) Click the “Assigned Items” tab (if you’re coming back to this after logging out, you can find this through the eLearning tab under “My eLearning Lessons”).

Screenshot highlighting the Assigned Items tab


2) Scroll until you find the right lesson, then click on the title.

Screenshot highlighting a selected lesson


3) Another window will open. Depending on your browser and monitor, this may be very tiny - check the corner of your screen and enlarge as needed).

Screenshot of small popup window that needs resizing


4) This will be defaulted to the Quick Sheet view. When you've reviewed all materials and are ready to take the test, click the Test tab.

Screenshot of the default Quick Sheet view, with the Test tab highlighted


5) Answer all questions and then click "Submit Test" at the bottom of the page.


6) From the results page, click "Claim Certificates".

Screenshot highlighting the Claim Certificate button


7) Click **Complete Lesson Evaluation to access certificate**

Screenshot highlighting the "Complete Lesson Evaluation to access certificate" link

7) Add your License information, Learner Profile and Learner Demographics, then click "Submit".