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Images for Presentations

How to find, use and cite images in PowerPoint and other presentation platforms.

Determining Copyright Status

Images found online are subject to copyright protection unless they are sourced from a site that provides copyright-free images, the creator has provided permission, or they are covered under a Creative Commons (CC) license (see below).

Creative Commons Licensing

For images covered under a Creative Commons license (i.e., those on Flickr), information will be provided to indicate the terms of use. 

Learn more about using images and other materials under a Creative Commons license:

Requesting Permission

Permission for use of an image may be requested if the creator can be dentified and contact information made available.  When using an image for which permssion has been granted, it is recommended that the image be credited (e.g., "Photo used by permission from Creator Name") and if possible, link to the page where the image was found. 

Example of CC Citation

Example of attribution for a Flickr Creative Commons image used in a presentation:

Person wearing a mask pulling a shopping cart

COVID-19, by Silvision on Flickr Creative Commons, Some Rights Reserved.


More on Copyright & Fair Use

For comprehensive information, please see our Copyight & Fair Use Subject Guide.