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Interlibrary Loan Information: Requesting an article via Interlibrary Loan

Learn best practices for submitting ILL requests.

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How do I submit an Interlibrary Loan request?

Image of a blue word bubble with the question "Did you know?"Citations that lack critical information are slower to process than those with all the details. It could be the difference between getting your article in a hour versus a multi-day delay!

To submit an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request:

1. Search the library website for the article/book you desire, and go to the abstract.
2. If the article is not available via a free full text, PMC Full Text, or Open Access follow the "Owned by Upstate" link 

3. From the holdings page, if Upstate does not own the article or book, click "Get it from Interlibrary Loan"

4. This link will auto-populate the ILL request form. It's very important to include as many details as possible. Important fields: Title, Journal Title, Year, pages, PMID, ISSN or ISBN. When you've entered all the details, click submit.

 * If you are New York State Library (NYSL) eligible, click the blue "New York State Library Search" button across the top of the request form to search the NYSL for access. If you're not sure if you're eligible, see the Borrower's Card Application tab. 

ILL Request tutorial

Tutorial coming soon!