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Interlibrary Loan Information

Learn best practices for submitting ILL requests.

What is Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery?

Interlibrary Loan is the requesting of materials not owned by Upstate HSL to other libraries who do own and are able to share that material. Document Delivery is a broader term that includes Interlibrary Loan, but also purchasing material not owned by Upstate's HSL, or connecting Upstate users with HSL's collection in a more convenient way (such as scanning articles we own in print, putting items on hold, and delivery items to campus addresses).

What Can I Request?

Articles, book chapters, books, media, theses, dissertations, and more! There are items that we may not be able to acquire; such as items not available for purchase, not owned by other libraries, or electronic items whose licensing agreements prevent interlibrary sharing. We will attempt to find access for any request and exhaust all options available.

Requests are made, and can be tracked in our request management system, ILLiad. First time users in ILLiad will be prompted to register for the service; a registration tutorial is available in this guide

Steps for Quick Submission from a Library Search

  1. Search the library website for resources.
  2. From the holdings page, if Upstate does not own the article or book, click "Get it from Interlibrary Loan"
  3. This link will auto-populate the ILL request form. Make any necessary notes and click "submit"

Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ page is available with common questions ask about the services offered by the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department.

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