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Interlibrary Loan Information

Learn best practices for submitting ILL requests.

Requesting Books

Requesting Books from Primo

To request a book from a Primo record, you must first sign into Primo to see your request options.

Screen shot of the Sign In button in a Primo record


Holds & Deliveries

After signing in, the request options will differ depending on whether the book is owned by the HSL. If owned, you will see an option to Place a Hold Request

Screen shot of the option to place a hold request on an owned item in Primo

The hold request form that opens after clicking this button gives the user options to have the book held at HSL's main desk, or to have the book sent to a campus address via campus delivery.

Screenshot of the hold/delivery request form that prompts the user to specify a pickup location, and the option to write in a comment

To define whether the request will be a hold or delivery, the user must specify a Pickup Location on the request form.

Screenshot of the pickup location options on the hold/delivery request form. The options are Upstate Health Sciences Library or Campus Address.

To request the book be held at HSL's main desk, select Upstate Health Sciences Library. To have the item delivery to a campus office or dorm, select Campus Address. In the Comment field, users selecting the Campus Address option should identify their current campus address. More information about the Campus Delivery service is available on the Campus Delivery page.


Interlibrary Loan Request

For books that are not owned by HSL, signing into Primo will reveal a link that reads Get it From Interlibrary Loan.

Screenshot of the Interlibrary Loan request link in a Primo record

Clicking this link will take you to the ILLiad login.

Screenshot of the login screen for ILLiad

After loging in, ILLiad will import the book information into the Book Request form. A few fields to check or add information to before submitting are:

  • Not Wanted After Date: If there is a date past which the book will no longer be useful, please indicate that here. This field is pre-populated with a date a month from the submission date
  • Will you accept an alternate edition of this item?: Alternate versions can be newer editions, older editions, or different formats (eBook or physical book).
  • Notes: If there is any information that needs clarification, or a situations around the request that need explaining, please provide that here.

Once the request form has all the information, click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the form.

Manual Book Requests

If you are requesting an item that you did not find through Primo searching, you can enter the request manually in ILLiad. Log into ILLiad, and select the menu option New Request and then Book or Media as shown below.

Screenshot of the menu option to select for the Book or Media request form

Selecting this option will open the Book or Media request form. Required fields on this form are denoted with red asterixis. Including as much information as possible will help speed processing, particularly if you are able to provide an ISBN (international standard book number ).

When the request form is completed to the best of your ability, click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the request.