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Interlibrary Loan Information

Learn best practices for submitting ILL requests.

Requesting Unowned/Inaccessible Articles

Requesting from Primo

When searching for articles in HSL's discovery service, Primo, links are on every record to seemlessly request content that is not owned or to request content that is currently inaccessible from the links provided. Using these links results in a better turnaround time for your request, as the links pass along a complete citation and additional metadata to your ILLiad article request form.

To request an article from Interlibrary loan, click the service option Get it from Interlibrary Loan.

Screen shot of Interlibrary Loan service in Primo

After clicking the link, you will be brought to the ILLiad login page, where you will enter your Upstate username and password.

OpenAthens Login choices

After logging in, you will be brought to an article request form with the citation information already completed (note: if this is your first time using ILLiad, you will first be brought to a registration page. More information about registration can be found in the section Registering for ILLiad)

Sections to check before submitting:

Is this resource needed for immediate patient care?: If an article is needed that relates to a current situation with a patient in your care, please let us know by changing this indicator to "yes"
Will you accept the item in a language other than English?: 
The library cannot provide translations of materials, only languages materials are published in. If you are willing to accept languages other than English, answer this question as “yes” and indicate which languages are acceptable in the Notes section


Notes: If there is any pertinent information you think we should know about the request, please add a comment here. If there is supplemental material for the article that you would also like access to, please note that here and we will follow up to give you access to the supplemental files.

Requesting from Databases

When in a database (CINAHL, Embase, PubMed, etc.) record with no full text access, find the "Owned by Upstate?" link in the record to bring the citation into Primo. The steps are then the same as the Requesting from Primo instructions above.

Manual ILLiad Request

If you are requesting an item that you did not find through Primo or Database searching, you can enter the request manually in ILLiad. Log into ILLiad, and select the menu option New Requests and then Article as shown below.

Menu option to begin a manual article request

The required fields on the article request form are indicated by the note “(required)” in red beside the field title. Including as much information as possible will help speed processing, particularly if you are able to provide an ISSN (international standard serial number ) for the journal or PMID (PubMed identifier) for the article.

When the request form is completed to the best of your ability, click the Submit Request button at the bottom of the request.

DOI/PMID Citation lookup

If a PMID or DOI number is known, the citation can be populated automatically with the citation look-up across the top of the request form. If known, enter the PMID or DOI and click “Look Up”

DOI/PMID resolver search with a DOI entered in the searchbox

If our citation resolver is able to match the PMID or DOI, the request form will populate with the citation. You can then scroll down and click “submit” for your request.
If the article is owned in Upstate’s collections, or available open access, a link to the material will appear underneath the link resolver.

Additional instruction on using this tool is available in the DOI/PMID Resolver tutorial video.

Requesting Scans of Articles Owned in Print

You may request scans of articles owned in the HSL's print collection. Citations can either be requested manually in ILLiad (see Manual Request Instructions above), or they can be requested from Primo. When an article is owned in HSL's print collection, you will see the locations appear in the Physical Items section of the Primo record.

Screenshot of a Primo record that displays available physical items with a sign in option underneath the physical item locations.

To request a scan of a physical items, you must sign into Primo with the Sign in option underneath the physical item locations as shown above.

Once signed in, you will now have the option to Request a Scan from HSL's Print Collection/Get it from Interlibrary Loan.

Screenshot of the request link for scans from print sources that reads Request Scan from HSL's Print Collection/Get it from Interlibrary Loan

After clicking this link, you will be prompted to log into ILLiad and submit the Article Request form as described in the steps about to request an item from Primo. You do not need to make any note or mention that this is to be scanned from our print collection on the form. If the item is not on shelf or otherwise missing, the Interlibrary Loan Department will request the article from other libraries.

Article Requesting Tutorials