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Interlibrary Loan Information

Learn best practices for submitting ILL requests.

Registration Instructions for First Time Users

What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is a request management system that allows users to request articles, books, media, and more that are not immediately available from Upstate Health Sciences Library. Articles and loanable items obtained from other libraries are made available to users through a process called Interlibrary Loan. Not all requests submitted through ILLiad are filled from other libraries; users can also use this portal to request a scan of Upstate-owned print material, hard to find Open Access material, or the library can sometimes choose to purchase requested resources for the user.

Registration for ILLiad is required only once, when entering the website for the first time.

Logging into ILLiad

ILLiad can be reached through various links throughout the Upstate website and catalog. For purposes of the first login, the easiest way is from the Interlibrary Loan services which is linked below:


Click the large, blue ILLiad Login link in the middle of the page (pictured below).

Screenshot of the ILLiad Login button

This link will bring the user to a login page (pictured below).



Screenshot of the login page

For this login, enter your Upstate/Novell credentials; these are same credentials used to login to your Upstate email or a campus computer.

Registration Form

The next page to appear is the registration form where users enter personal information. All fields with red asterisks are required.

Screenshot of the entire New Authenticated User Registration Form

  1. First Name: Your first name
  2. Last Name: Your last name
  3. Status: students should choose a status of either Student (Graduate Studies) or Student (Medical, Nursing, CHP). All choices in the drop-down menu are pictured below. Faculty and Staff should choose the status most applicable to them based on whether they are state employees or not.


 Screenshot of a zoomed in view of the choices for the Status field on the registration form. The entries for Graduate Students and Non-Graduate Students are circled in red,

  1. Department or Degree Program: For students, this should be the name of the degree program you’re enrolled in. Some examples of this are Physician Assistant MS or Physical Therapy. For Faculty and Staff, please enter your Department.
  2. EMailAddress: Your Upstate email address. This address will be used by the Library to correspond about your requests and send links to requested PDFs.
  3. Phone: Your phone number
  4. Preferred Book/Media Delivery Method:
    • Mail to Address: For registrants with a reliable on-campus address where mail can be received, users can choose the option Mail to Address to have physical items delivered to you. When this option is preferred, registrants must enter their campus address. Students living in the Geneva Tower dorms may also use this option.
    • Hold for Pickup: For registrants without an on-campus address, or who prefer to come to the library to pick up items, please leave this as the default option of Hold for Pickup. This means that any books requested will be held at the library’s main desk for you to pick up.
  5. Intercampus Mail Address: If you have chosen the option Mail to Address in step 7, enter your ON CAMPUS address. If you have selected the option Hold for Pickup, leave this section (including City, State, and Zip)blank.

When the form is complete, click Submit Information.