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MSI Information Literacy


LCME Standard 6.3: Self Directed and Lifelong Learning

LCME 6.3: 2. Assess the credibility of information sources
LCME 6.3: 4. Receive feedback on their information-seeking skills

Students will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast different types of information resources. 
  2. Select and access the most appropriate information sources for a given need.
  3. Use high-quality information sources for your class assignments and cite them appropriately.

Clinical Point of Care Tools

Background Information

Biomedical Literature/"Evidence"

Academic Integrity

Upstate Medical University upholds the highest standards of academic integrity.  In order to meet these standards and protect themselves from potential pitfalls, both students and faculty should be aware of Upstate's guidelines in regard to academic dishonesty and plagiarism.


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