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Mobile Resources / Apps

Apps and other mobile resources supported by the library.

5MinuteConsult Overview

5MinuteConsult offers basic and quick overviews for:

  • Diseases & Conditions, including description, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care
  • Drugs, including use indications, dosing and administration, warnings, and patient education
  • Resources for patients, including patient handouts for conditions and diseases, as well as physical therapy handouts
  • Select medical procedures, including needed equipment, instructions, complications, and post procedure instructions

Downloading and Logistics

Create an Account and Download

  1. From a browser, access 5MinuteConsult using this link:
  2. Under Sign In, click Create a Free Personal Account.
  3. Follow the prompts to create an account.
  4. Download app on your device. Make sure you select the app by Wolters Kluwer Health LRP.
  5. To log into app, enter username and password from registration

Logistics to be aware of

  • Every 90 days, access 5MinuteConsult using the links from the library website and sign in to your 5MinuteConsult account.