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Mobile Resources / Apps

Apps and other mobile resources supported by the library.

Basic Configuration

When connecting apps to library resources, there may be some settings specific to the Upstate Health Sciences Library. Here are some common settings apps may ask for:

  • Proxy Prefix / Open Athens redirector:
  • Openurl / Linkresolver base url:
  • Shibboleth Federation: OpenAthens Federation
  • Entity ID:


Some vendors require you to create accounts with them to use fully use their products. Some will allow you to connect your library login through OpenAthens to the local account (example: Scopus, PolicyMap, Dimensions). This is done by connecting the unique OpenAthens token with information you provide the vendor. Other vendors require you to create a separate local account with them and often an email address is required (example: UpToDate).

Supported Apps

Library staff currently support basic setup and functionality with the following apps: UptoDate, Browzine, MyAccess, Lexidrug, VisualDX, 5MinuteConsult, and Complete Anatomy.

Staff will provide basic assistance with using and finding additional apps. Anything more complex will be referred to the vendor responsible for the app in question.

What about Apps from Upstate Authors?

The following is a list of known Upstate authored apps. Contact the author with any questions.