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Mobile Resources / Apps

Apps and other mobile resources supported by the library.

UpToDate Overview

UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that assists clinicians with point-of-care decisions. The mobile app for both ios and android is a popular way of using this resource. It just takes a few extra steps to setup the app compared to the web-based version.

Downloading and Logistics

UpToDate's browser version looks very similar to the app. Should you choose to use the app, here is some information related to that.

Download and Sign In

  • Download the UpToDate app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.
  • Login with your UpToDate account. If you don't have an account, see the information about creating an account on this page.

Logistics to be aware of

  • Wi-fi or data connection is required. Upstate's subscription does not allow pre-downloading content to your device.
  • Re-authentication from an Upstate internet connection is required every 90 days to continue using the app.
    • If you are not on campus, you can try accessing UpToDate in a browser (not through the app) with the next link below and then logging into your account to "re-authenticate".
  • If you don't have campus credentials and instead have an OpenAthens account supplied by the library, the app is unavailable. You will only have access to the web version of UpToDate for searching content.

Creating an Account

Note: It is highly recommended that you create and manage your account from a browser on a computer rather than from a mobile device.

Once you are in UpToDate, click on the "Register" button in the top right corner.  

Follow the prompts to register and create a username/password on the UpToDate site. 

Once registered, you will be able to access UpToDate directly using your personal UpToDate login from any web browser and via the UpToDate mobile app on up to two mobile devices.

Re-Authenticating Accounts

Re-authentication from an Upstate internet connection is required every 90 days to continue using the app, especially if you regularly access UpToDate off campus.

To re-authenticate if you are not on campus:

  • Using a browser on a computer or phone, visit 
  • Login using your Upstate credentials (note: the username for that page does not include the part of your email)
  • Login to your UpToDate account using the username and password you use for accessing your personal UpToDate information
  • Your account should now be "re-authenticated"

Merging Accounts

Start by logging in to the account you want to keep (most likely the account created with your Upstate credentials).

Follow the directions from UpToDate on How to Merge Accounts

Note: If you are a voluntary faculty member and given an OpenAthens username from the library, it is not recommended to currently merge accounts. However, you can still technically do so by logging in through OpenAthens first, creating an account, and then going through the merge account process to move another existing account into your OpenAthens enabled account.

Additional Help

Contact UpToDate support  or view their online help.