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Diversity in Medicine and Science at Upstate

This subject guide celebrates diversity at Upstate Medical University by highlighting individuals who have made significant contributions to Upstate's mission and to medicine and science in general.

Fuad S. Farah MD

Fuad S. Farah MD Fuad Salim Farah was born in Haifa, Palestine in 1929. He left Palestine in 1946 to pursue his education, attending school in London for one year, before enrolling at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon where he completed his BA in 1950 and his doctor of medicine degree in 1954. Dr. Farah completed his internship and residency with the Department of Medicine at the AUB’s American University Hospital. He was subsequently awarded a prestigious Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship in Immunology and Dermatology, which sent him to the Barnes Hospital (Washington University) in St. Louis to study under renowned Immunologist Dr. Hermann Eisen. Dr. Farah returned to the AUB where he cultivated an international reputation as a Professor of Medicine and Dermatology. In 1970, Dr. Farah established a World Health Organization (WHO) Immunology Research and Training Center, one of only six in the world, which serviced the entire Middle East. He served as Director of the WHO Center and established its PhD program in Immunology. Dr. Farah was twice decorated by the Lebanese government for his contributions to medicine.


Dr. Farah spent a year (1975) as a visiting professor at the Institute of Clinical Immunology in Bern, Swtizerland. He moved with his family to the United States in 1976 to escape the civil war erupting in Lebanon. Dr. Farah was offered the position of chief of the Dermatology unit at SUNY Upstate, which he held until 2003. He was succeeded as chief by his son, Ramsay Farah. Dr. Farah established his private practice in Syracuse in 1980. Farah Dermatology and Cosmetics LLC was a joint practice between Dr. Farah and his two children, Ramsay and Joyce, who still run the practice today.


Dr. Farah is a renowned expert on Leishmania, a parasitic disease. He has authored numerous papers, abstracts and textbook chapters. He has been the recipient of many awards from notable bodies including: The American Academy of Family Physicians, AOA Medical Honor Society, and the Onondaga County Medical Society (Distinguished Service Award, 2015).


Dr. Farah retired from Upstate in 2014 and was named Clinical Professor Emeritus. A Lectureship in his honor was established at the University in 2003. Dr. Farah retired from private practice in 2015.

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