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Women in Medicine and Science at Upstate

This guide provides information on female pioneers associated with Upstate and its predecessor institutions who left lasting impacts on medicine and science. Please check back regularly as we will continue to add influential women to this guide.

Patricia J. Numann MD FACS

Patricia Joy Numann is a 1965 graduate of Upstate Medical University and a career long member of the department of surgery (combined internship in medicine and surgery 1965-1966, general surgery resident 1966-1970, assistant professor of surgery 1970-1975, associate professor of surgery 1975-1989, professor of surgery 1989-2007). She also served as associate dean of the College of Medicine from 1978-1984 and associate dean for clinical affairs for the College of Medicine from 1989-1994. Dr. Numann held the title of Lloyd S. Rogers Professor of Surgery from 2000-2007. She has been highly regarded by students and was often asked to serve as faculty marshal or to deliver the Oath of Hippocrates during commencement. She was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award (1983) and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (1990) from Upstate.

Dr. Numann held surgical appointments as attending surgeon at Upstate from 1989-2007, was a staff surgeon at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital from 1970-2007 and was a consulting surgeon at Crouse-Irving Memorial Hospital from 1970-2006. She was medical director of Upstate University Hospital from 1997-2007. Dr. Numann’s clinical interests have focused on breast disease and thyroid and parathyroid diseases. The Patricia J. Numann Breast & Endocrine Surgery Center at Upstate (2007) was the result of her commitment to the study and treatment of these conditions in women.

Dr. Numann became a fellow of the American College of Surgeons in 1974 and has been an active member. She was the second woman elected to serve as president of the ACS in 2011, after having been the first woman to serve as a second vice president from 1999-2000. She became director of the ACS Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum in 2003. She also served on the Board of Regents Communications Committee (1999-2000); Graduate Medical Education Committee (1992-1994); Committee on Surgical Education in Medical Schools (1986-1996); Advisory Council for General Surgery (1999-2002); Nominations Committee of Fellows (1992-1994; chair 1994-1995); and on several Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program Committees beginning in 1976. She was recognized for her service to the ACS in 2006 when she was the recipient of their highest honor, The Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Numann was also the first woman to serve as chair of the American Board of Surgery (1994-2002) and was made vice president of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons in 1992. She was a founding member and president (1985-1986) of the Association for Surgical Education. She also founded the Association of Women Surgeons (1982); that organization subsequently made her president from 1986-1987 and awarded her the Nina Starr Braunwald Award in 1998. Dr. Numann has been the recipient of numerous other honors and awards including the New York State Woman of Distinction in Medicine Award (1994) and the Susan G. Kohman Breast Cancer Foundation Distinguished Service Award (2001). She was named Humanitarian of the Year by the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY, Inc. in 2003. She was included in the National Library of Medicine's "Changing the Face of Medicine" in the Local Legend category and was inducted into the International Women Physicians Hall of Fame.

Dr. Numann became professor emeritus at Upstate in 2007. In 2009, Upstate created its first endowed chair named for a woman “in honor of her life’s work and outstanding dedication”. The Patricia J. Numann, MD, Chair of Surgery was fully endowed in 2017.

     Patricia J. Numann MD c. 1970Patricia J. Numann MD c. 2000

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